Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #26

Flash made it through the night just fine in the Big Little Pasture for her first night, all except for that near eye gouging out incident that gave me a near heart attack……


On my third check about 3 a.m. I discovered her injury. The eye appears to be completely fine, but she cut it pretty good as you can see. Will be calling the vet to look at it. I’m sure all is well but won’t hurt to have a tetanus booster and make sure. I’ll be taking no chances with her of course.

In other exciting news Flash had her first walk about on the farm.


She was a very good girl and walked nicely….until we got near the running skid loader. She didn’t do anything foolish, she just stood with her feet planted. She would back up, turn left, turn right , bit no way was she going forward towards that very scary machine that might eat her. Husband turned it off and she walked straight out again. We walked around and she sniffed it all over. Then she nickered at it. It was pretty comical and husband and I got a good laugh out of her reaction. He started it back up with her standing by it and she looked at it, then me, and then asked for ear scratches. She was over it and wanted to move on. Such a smarty pants!

We walked up the lane, around the other horse pastures and then on into the barn. She didn’t miss a beat, but she looked all over and took it in.

Back in the barn she got her brush out and breakfast. She will be staying in the barn and small turnout until the vet is able to see her. No more over nights for her for awhile. I think I’ll turn her out during the day, and then bring her back in the barn at night.

Total time elapsed today 65 minutes.

Until next time!

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