My Constant


Those bright eyes have been staring back at me for eleven years now. That’s my Tucker Boy, my only constant companion (other than my husband) for more than a decade. He came before all the horses I currently have….before my children… have came and went…I’ve graduated college….gotten married….bought our farm….and so many other milestones in my life. And Tucker has been by my side through them all.

Every year I see his face grey a little more. His vibrant red turning white. His body gets a little stiffer, his movements a little slower while working cows. His ears have dulled and I have to holler for him twice so he hears me. But those eyes never change.

Those eyes of his can look straight through me and reach into the depths of my thoughts and emotions. He always knows how I’m feeling. Ive cried in his fur, spun him around in circles with excitement, and slept next to him for countless hours. He’s my constant, and I’m so grateful to him for being so.

Cheers to Tucker Boy, for being my constant, my always and forever dog.


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