Back To School For Bullet


Mastering the Down, Watch, Stay

Bullet our two year old heeler is getting schooled by me. My husband usually trains all the cattle dogs on the HK but with him working two jobs and over eighty hours a week I am picking up the slack at home.

Bullet works great in the chute, but lacks the other skills needed from a cattle dog on the HK. After weaning her pups about a month ago I pulled her off maternity leave and am putting her back in training.

Right now we are mastering leash edicate, and the down, watch,  stay. She is doing well so far. I still don’t trust her to run wide open, thus the leash. Mastering leash work and commands by my side will make it easier when she starts working more independently out in the field.

The little girls and I walked her nearly a mile and took her out when we fed cows and horses.


Owl, Bo, and the cows.


Bunny and the cows

She struggled on the lead a bit when she saw the cows. She just wanted to run then and push them into the catch pen. She knows how to do this job well, but lacks the patience and discipline. So I made her sit quietly and just watch. She settled quickly and began to see I just wanted her to stay quiet.

I have really been enjoying my training time with Bullet. She is really my husband’s dog, but I teased him I may just have to add her to my pack. My black Labrador Bo, my red heeler Tucker and my daughters miniature Aussie Shepherd Precious ride in the truck or suburban every chance they can. Often on my trip to town to take Boo to school as well as pick her up. They love it!

So cheers to Bullet and her training!


Bullet watching quietly

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