Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day # 27-28


The cut by Flash’s eye is healing nicely. I’m hoping it doesn’t scar. Despite my earlier decision to bring Flash in during the night, I decided to let her stay out last night and continue to do bihourly checks on her. She did just fine, and seemed all the happier today.

This morning she was already waiting in her stall by the feeder. I did go ahead and shut her back into the small barn paddock because I will be at work this afternoon and late evening. And then I will turn her out tomorrow.

We started with her grooming. She stood like a champ. As always loving her ears and rump brushed the best. We did pick up and pick out all four feet. She’s doing very well with the front legs, but still trying to figure out the back end.

Lead training we did out in the back yard close to the barn. She got to see the tractors and farm equipment. She doesn’t seem to mind vehicles, but the heavy equipment she is still unsure about. We did all of our stop…..walk….back up..turn left…turn right. She did pretty good. Had a little bit of balking when walking out, but we were out of her security area.

When I put her back in the paddock the county brought the maintainer and trucks out to re rock our road. I should have videoed Flash’s reaction! She whinnied and paced the fences in not an anxious, but curious way. She wanted to know what was going on. And I loved to hear her whinny. It wasn’t the shrill high pitched whinny most filly’s have. It was a deep rich sound that came from the bottom of her hooves. The girl can trumpet!

Total time elapsed today was 21 minutes.

Until next time!

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