Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #29-30

Can it already have been a month since our girl Flash came home to the HK Bar?!


Why , yes, it has! The last two days we have been doing more of the same. Grooming, standing tied, pick up and pick out all four feet,and  lead training. We have incorporated something new into our days; walks around the farm.

She continues to stand stock still around the heavy equipment like skid loader, tractors, etc. She doesn’t try to bolt, she just stands with feet planted and stares . So I’ve been letting her stand and stare. I’m sure she will soon realize these are “normal” to see on the farm.; and that better yet they bring the big round bales of hay!


This month I feel like we have mastered grooming and standing tied for periods of up to thirty minutes. We are in a good place with picking up feet, but have a ways to go until I can say we have it mastered. She still leans, sometimes pulls feet away, and is unsure about the hoof pick some days.

In the next thirty days I hope to master picking up feet, standing tied up to an hour, getting over our apathy of heavy equipment, and more on lead training!

Cheers to the next month and new goals!
Until next time!

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