It’s Complicated; Insomnia, World Issues, and the Horse Barn


I laid in bed for nearly two hours trying to fall asleep. Despite my girls and husband peacefully sleeping, sleep alluded me. Of course since I couldn’t sleep I did what I always do, I come to the horse barn.

As I write this I’m sitting on my daughters’ playschool chair, in my pajamas carhart coat and muck boots, Tucker at my feet, the rain battering the roof of the horse barn, and Flash munching her hay nearby. And I can’t help but wonder who I would be without this. So much of my identity is tied up in the farm life. Horses, cattle dogs, barn cats, cows…..even the barn mice contribute to this world of mine.

A friend of mine always comments about how I am always saying “I’m thankful.” And it’s because I am. Outside life on the HK Bar I see a world that is falling apart around me. We have terrorists that kill innocent people, rampant genocide, children starving, veterans homeless and suffering PTSD, global warming…..and the list goes on. How can I not be thankful when I wake up each and every day to my three beautiful, healthy daughters… a husband that works two jobs to support our family… a herd of horses, dogs, cats, cows, and chickens we call our own….to a warm house that has clean running water and indoor plumbing. How can I not be thankful? In fact, sometimes I feel the weight of guilt. How can I live on this island of serenity when the rest of the world seems like chaos?

Maybe every generation has felt this way?  Maybe each parent in history wondered what type of life their children’s generation would have?

Sometimes life just gets to heavy. And when it does and I can’t sleep, I always run to the horse barn. There is so much serenity here in the HK Barn. I wish everyone could experience life in a barn like ours. It’s not fancy by any means. The roof leaks in a few places, the tin on one corner flaps and moans in the weather, my husband’s things and my things are at war for space, there is everything from a hoof pick to a weed eater in here; but there is so much more. There are animals that love unconditionally, sweet smelling hay you can sink into and be lost for hours, and so much more. What a wonderful place this world would be if only everyone had a horse barn.

From the HK Bar to the world, may you find peace as I have in your own “horse barn” whether it be a library, your own home, or wherever…..because everyone should know this feeling of peace and security.

After an hour in the horse barn I know I’ll be able to sleep. ❤

4 thoughts on “It’s Complicated; Insomnia, World Issues, and the Horse Barn

  1. We have a 14×14 foot shelter, with a straw bale extension…it’s mt place of solace. I can’t count how many times I “ran away” to that tiny little space, just to listen to my horses breath. Some how, those inhalations and exhalations soothe my Spirit and the load gets lighter. This farm life is a blessing.
    This post is beautiful. ❤

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