Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #31


Flash and I kicked off our first day of our second month of training by scratching one of our goals off the list already! She stood quietly (OK mostly for the first 45 minutes) for an hour tied!
I was so pleased with her this morning. We started our day very early about 4 a.m. due to bad weather. It has rained a couple of inches in the past 16 hours, so I knew our walk and outside work just wouldn’t be happening today. Flash was content to be in the large barn stall.

Flash has really started to know the sounds of the HK Bar. As soon as I walk out the back door and head for the barn she starts to nicker. She will stick her nose out as far as she can over the pipe fence stretching towards me. I always scratch her ears and tell her good morning.

After our hello, I fed her  breakfast. I went ahead and snapped the lead on and tied her up. I started grooming as she was eating her grain. I started with the mane and tail brush. Wow was her tail knotted! And her mane is like a puffy my little pony nightmare. The girl has such thick hair I can see me having to learn to use the thinning shears in the future. But wow! The girls got hair. She stood quietly for her mane and tail brush out.

I moved on to picking feet up and picking her feet out. *insert sarcastic voice here* You know, because its her most favorite thing ever to do. She is such a character. While picking her front right foot she gave it to me beautifully, and then stepped back  away from the feeder and tried to lean on me. She then tried to stretch her neck and head back out to the feeder full of grain. It ended up looking like a ballet move crossed with yoga. She was still far enough away from the feeder all she could manage to do was stick her long tongue into the feeder and get some oats stuck on it. Then she looked back at me like, “What!?! What!? I’m trying to eat here! I’m a growing girl!” Needless to say I had a good laugh over it, and we continued on with the rest of her feet in quite the same manner. Her giving her feet beautifully, then trying to sit on me with all her weight. Like oh yes, I’ll cooperate and then a hahaha here’s the whole weight of my carcass in your lap! Haha! Fooled you! 

Lastly we moved on to the metal curry. She loves to roll in the mud! Have I mentioned she loves to roll in the mud!? She was a mudball! Especially her legs and all her hard to reach places. But soon enough I had her cleaned up and looking great. Don’t mind the poop stains she has managed to get all over her white spots.

Then I turned her loose and have her a couple flakes of hay. She stood there munching away while I scratched her ears and yes, of course her butt. I laid my hands and body against her. And she just stood there contentedly soaking up the love….and hay.


So proud of this girl! I love how her personality gets bigger each passing day. I am wondering how big she will end up being. Neither parent was over 16 hands. She is a big girl so far, shall we take bets?

Her brand is almost all healed over. I am excited to see how it ends up. Right now it looks like the hair will all grow back in nicely. I’ll take a picture tonight and post it. They really did a great job with the branding! Just another great thing about Double J Performance Horses, they do quality work!

So over all despite the bad weather, we had a great training session. And we are standing tied for an hour(ish) patiently! She will be ready for show season yet. 🙂

Until next time!

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