Working Shifts on the HK Bar


Tucker tucking in after his morning shift.

The forecast has been nothing but rain the last 24 hours. We have now received about three inches of rain. On days like this the chores get done in three shifts. The horses and cows get hayed, watered, and grained three times a day in this type of weather to ensure a little more comfort, and so I can make sure all is OK medically. So much can happen in the deep mud and rising water.

I started first rounds at four this morning. Tucker did first shift with me. He makes the rounds with me quietly and precisely. After eleven years he’s always right where I need him to be. He doesnt hesitate to move the stock where they need to be, or swim the small ravine we have to cross to feed the horses and cows. He’s my right hand and a solid working partner.


The water over the lane is about two feet deep.

Tucker came in after first shift and snuggled in his big comfy bed on the mud room. He was a tired guy and seemed relieved to be back in.

I just finished second shift. I took Bullet with me to let Tucker get a rest and to give Bullet some schooling.


Bullet waits while i dish grain.

She is still on the leash at all times. She is doing well on basic commands and sticks very close to me most of the time. The only time she offers to take off is when she sees a rabbit or squirrel. The girl loves a good game of chase.


Bullet crossing the little ravine.

She wasn’t especially excited about crossing the small ravine. After some encouragement from my daughter Boo’s Miniature Australian Shepherd, Precious, she came right along.


Bullet receiving some encouragement from Precious.

These are the moments I realize what an asset Tucker is. And how big his proverbial shoes to fill really are! Bullet has it in her, she’s just young and green right now. A fact that I will ensure changes.


She got lots of praise after the ravine crossing from me! Then we moved on to check the cows. I was checking on our calf so it is Bullet’s job to keep the livestock back. She loves this job and is always on the look out for a chance to nip some heels.


Bullet on watch.


Bullet standing guard.

We finished rounds and came back to the house to dry off. We finished second shift with no worries. Bullet did great and did her job.


Bullet sticking close to Mom

Cheers to winter, and cheers to the HK Bar dogs that work with me in shifts.



Until next time!

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