Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #31


Flash was waiting for me and nickering as always as I headed toward the barn this morning. She had just rolled and also stood out in the wind to make sure her mane and tail were nice and tangled for me. Thanks Flash! *sigh* But she looked so happy and full of life. How can a person fault her for enjoying the nice crisp air and the wind?

Today we groomed and stood around talking to each other. I figure some days just have to be about bonding and no expectations. As always Flash shows me more personality every day that passes. Today her new trick was grabbing the brushes in her mouth and bringing them to me. I would take them from her and then she would shake her head up and down like she was saying, “OK Mom you have the  brush ….now USE IT!” And of course I did obligingly.

Flash is only the second mare I have ever owned, Jo being the first, and I have to say mares have so much personality! All my geldings of course had thier own personalities, but they were never as large and in charge as my mares are proving to be!

So Flash and I bonded some more over a wonderful grooming session, and will do some actual work tomorrow.

Until next time!

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