Captain Boo! Oh the Places You’ll Go!


Captain Boo, my six year old daughter is such a character. She is serious, calculated, determined, and self reliant. She loves horses, super heros, books, and traveling.

This morning I went into her bedroom to put clean sheets on her bed, just a normal chore that I do every Tuesday here at the HK Bar house, but today I stopped to take in the things around me. What took my breath away were the things on her vanity. Her globe ( the one she likes to twirl around and dream of faraway places) , her favorite black Stetson cowboy hat (a hand me down from my younger years), her first bible (precious moments edition), her Batman toys complete with villains, her favorite story book (A Little Princess), a Pegasus, her marker kit, two bracelets, and her Scentsy warmer (with baby powder scent in it), and the thing that made me smile the biggest …….

A single sheet of paper……


It says;
Places to see
1.South Africa
2. Bat cave
3. Heaven
4. N.F.R

My heart burst at the places she wants to see. South Africa! (I hope she takes me with her!). The Bat Cave…..not A batcave but I’m sure the batcave. You know, because she is a Batman fanatic….Heaven *sigh*…..And the NFR (National Finals Rodeo).

As I stood there letting it all sink in I realized who my daughter really is. She’s an adventurer, she’s a hero, she’s a Christian, and she’s a cowgirl.

I couldn’t help the silent tears that slid down my cheeks. They just sort of happened. Be ause I know in my heart this little child, my Captain Boo, is a beautiful person inside and out…  And I have no doubt she will see all these places on her list……and so much more.

Keep going Captain Boo, and oh the places you will go….

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