Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day # 32


So I said yesterday we were going to get back to work today……Turns out. I lied . Flash didn’t come to the barn for her grain today, deciding to play hard to get. She was flexing her independence muscle today, or was it the ornery muscle? Quite possibly both…..

I spent five minutes in the mud and wind playing a torturous game of come catch me! Ohhhh nope! Almost! *insert eye roll* insert huge sigh*…….. Flash has turned into Jo…..No seriously! This girl has some personality. Apparently she decided to turn on the ornery full blast this morning.

With horses I have always been told to never give up, and let them “win”. My plan was to do a walk about and see some new sights, groom, and do a little training with getting in/out of the horse trailer. Flash’s flight at the sight of the lead squashed my plans. So, in normal me fashion I went against public opinion , and I threw the lead away. (Ok, just over the fence, not away away). And who comes running? Flash…. Lowering her head pushing her ears into my chest and then dancing around and rubbing her butt on me, begging for scratches. Apparently she has developed an aversion to lead ropes. *sigh*

So what did I do next? I chucked all hope of my plan (just for today of course) to work…..and I stood in mud up to my ankles and gave Flash all the love scratches she wanted over the next thirty minutes.

Today I accomplished nothing but lowering my blood pressure, bonding with Flash, and being reminded I’m not always in control.

Until next time!

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