Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #33


Flash decided she wanted grain this morning. And I decided after a day off it was time to get back at it.

We did our grooming routine starting with the mane and tail brush, then metal curry and finally a soft bristle brush. She stood quietly and offered her head when I brushed her forelock and face. Such a sweet girl.

After grooming we did some work with a crumpled feed sack. I used a plastic type that has alot of crinkle to it. I started by showing it to her. She seemed unsure but didn’t try to move away. I then rubbed it on her head and neck, making sure I scratched her with my other hand reassuringly. We were all calm until she couldn’t turn her head and see the sack since she was tied up. I started over at her head and repeated, stopping just before she was uncomfortable. We only did this about half a dozen times because I don’t want to overwhelm her.

We skipped lead training today because I don’t want to push her too far too fast. She’s just a weanling, and has alot of time ahead. So no rush from me. After sack training I gave her love scratches all over and turned her back out with the mini herd.

Until next time!

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