Reconnecting With My Girl Jo


Jo got an hour long brush out this morning. She had been on complete rest the past three weeks. That deep tissue injury was still giving her some pain, so she is now in complete pasture condition. Any work we had done to get legged up for this upcoming barrel racing season has withered into her hay belly. *sigh*

But, I am so thankful she is able to recover. It would have broken my heart if she’d had a long term, debilitating injury. But enough of that! We had a great morning.


We started with thirty minutes of lunging. Walked fifteen minutes and then worked up into a slow trot for the last fifteen minutes.


After lunging I got aboard and we worked on flexing. We walked, trotted, stopped, side passed left and right for about twenty minutes. I always start back slowly when we have had this much time off. Slow and steady, I was looking for any signs that she was sore or unwilling. None appeared, and I’m pretty in tune with Jo.

After our warm up excersizes I worked on slow work around the barrels. She is still a little stiff in flexing, but towards the end was trotting a pretty pattern. I didn’t want to push it so we stopped right then and got away from the pattern.

We ended up going on a two mile hack down the road. No expectations, just to relax and stretch out!





Then we went back to the barn and unsaddled. Jo got another thirty minute brush out. Just because she was a good girl, and it really relaxes me!

My husband, Kevin, was out welding in the barn and he looked up and said, “You haven’t stopped smiling! How’d it go?”

I told him what a great ride we had, and all about what we had seen and done. I am so excited to get back at it and finally get down to business.

And you know what? My husband was right, I still haven’t stopped smiling. A good ride with Jo clears my head, and awakens my soul. Ive always said there is no better church than that on the back of a horse, talking to God while you ride.



Until our next ride!

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