Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day # 36-37


Flash, oh my little rockstar! She came up for breakfast this morning and I spent our time scratching her on her back and head. She really loves this. I remember my Great Grandpa telling me that the lead mare grooms her favorite herd members in order of how important they are, and that she would groom just like this; hard scratching and circular rubs. (Only she would do it with her mouth, not hands of  course.)

I think my behavior with Flash has changed the herd order a bit in the miniature horse herd. The lead mare used to be Easter, but now the whole herd has shunned her for some reason. Maybe they are seeing me groom Flash in this manner, and they are deciding Flash is going to be lead mare after me? Who knows, butbit was interesting to me to observe this.

Flash and I went back to basic lead training. Stop…walk….back up….flex left…..flex right. We did this for about ten minutes and then I turned her loose and just watched her. She trotted back and forth a bit throwing her head and snorting. Such a happy girl, this one.

The weather is going to pot again. Currently 36°F with a little bit of Misty drizzle. So we kept it pretty short. But I felt great about her progress and was happy to connect with her.

Until next time!

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