Bo and Tucker



I love my old dogs! There is something so reassuring and predictable bout an old dog. They aren’t trying to find themselves like puppies do, you already know who they are and what to expect from them.

I took these pictures of Bo and Tucker this morning after I fed the horses. My sweet babies. Why can’t dogs live forevor? In recent weeks I have seen changes in Tucker. He wanders away from the farm, which he has never done before, and he is shorter tempered with the other dogs. I even saw him bite at one of the stable cats. Old age has set in, and its effects are becoming apparent.

So I have been keeping Tucker close to me. He was never one to like staying in the house for long, now he is curled up in his dog bed in the house for most of the day. He gets up to chore with me, and then goes straight back to bed. I also dont want him to wander out into the road and get lost or hit. Of course he isn’t completely senile, but I don’t want to take a chance with him.

Even though there are  challenges to having a senior dog, I wouldn’t trade having my babies for the world.

One thought on “Bo and Tucker

  1. Such a cute picture. I had two senior collies up until a couple years ago. They were the love of my life. They kept on truckin’ out to the horses every day until the very end. It just took them a lot longer to do it. 🙂

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