Meet Blitz


Blitz is a one year old smooth coated border collie. I picked him up from our local animal shelter this morning. When I first met him I thought he would never stop moving! He is a little firecracker! He is so sweet with the kids too.

He came home to the HK Bar to live! Now I will be starting two young dogs instead of just one.


Blitz loves to ride in the truck! And he is such a happy guy. I was kind of wondering what I had gotten myself into after meeting Blitz. His name is very fitting. This guy runs on pure jet fuel!

But after we got him home, introduced him to the farm and all the other dogs, played a million games of fetch, and then let him run for an hour he settled down pretty nicely(ish).


I was so amazed at his speed and agility. I can’t imagine what his life was like being cooped up for hours a day in the shelter. Although I have to say our shelter does a great job doing what they can to keep dogs minds busy. They excersize them, give them kongs and other dog toy puzzles to keep them busy…..but nothing can beat stretching your legs on your own farm! When I look at the picture above I see a happy dog that is on his way to having a better life, a life where he has a forevor home, lots of long walks, plenty of food, a warm bed, and the love of a pack of not only dogs, but the pack of Staley girls.

Welcome home Blitz!

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