Flash, Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #39-41






The last three days of training have been more bonding. I stand by the feeder in the cold and give love scratches all over to Flash. She loves it and will stop munching her grain to lean into me and sigh heavily.

The real cold winter has begun to set in. The wind is biting and the animals hair is in thick now. It’s days like these that make me long for spring!

This morning as I called the horses up to eat breakfast I watched Flash come cantering across the pasture. There is a small ravine that cuts through the pasture. I was interested to see if she would slow down to cross it or not. It made me smile to see she didn’t slow down, but speed up! She went into a full out gallop and soared across the little ravine in one beautiful and graceful leap. I love watching her move, she is so athletic!

After she cleared the ravine she slowed down to  a happy bouncy trot all the way up to her feeder. She is such a fun girl and I always look forward to my time with her!

Flash rarely comes to the barn anymore. She prefers to stay out with the miniature horses. They have established a herd order and are at ease with each other now. Louise doesn’t guard her from Easter quite as much as she did. It’s amazing to me how Louise would protect Flash after only being stalled with her a few short weeks. I think she will always mother Flash to a point. Horses are such amazing animals.

Until next time!

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