Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #42


The winter weather has really set in. Ugh, winds and currently 26°. Flash and I continue to have our bonding moments over her breakfast. I took the mane and tail comb out this morning and brushed out her mane and tail. She stood quietly and seemed to enjoy the attention. I did not curry her today, as I know there is more rain coming, and didn’t want to rub in the moisture any more that it already would be.


She was very interested in her grain this morning, but she waited patiently while I dumped out the water that had collected in her feeder from yesterday’s storm. Most horses will  try to butt you out of the way and stick thier head in every which angle to gain access to the grain. Not Flash, she is steady and patient. She waits politely until I have her feed and feeder arranged. Such a good girl!

We haven’t been doing much other than bonding and grooming. I’d say this winter weather is enough education for her. She is proving to be smart and calculated. I observed her bringing the mini herd to the barn just moments before the rain came yesterday. She is such a smart girl, and I am thankful that she was able to be in a herd situation at Double J Performance Horses, where she was born. It taught valuable herd behavior that I am seeing come out strongly.

So for now Flash and I are happy with our bonding and grooming. When the weather breaks we will try more loading in the horse trailer.

Until next time!

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