Bullet and Blitz, Snow Adventures


Bullet (left) and Blitz running after completing thier morning chores.

I tell you what my two pups are so comical together. This was a picture of them during our after work run. It is currently 25°F and as you can see we have a dusting of snow.  And oh the wind! Enough to freeze your face in a short few minutes. Bullet and Blitz did not even seem to notice the cold.


They were both saints during our chores this morning. I was so pleased with both of them. I didn’t have to call Bullet off even once. She did her job quietly and respected the horses. She is getting so reliable, and I am so very proud of her!

Blitz continues to be on the lead when we are around the livestock. And he still drags it during thier free run time. This way I can get ahold of him easier if need be. His recall needs work, but he is improving already. He doesn’t seem to miss much and is always watching what is going on around him. He has almost perfected sit. Wahoo!

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Bullet and Blitz, Snow Adventures

  1. Wahoo! I’ve got the opposite problem. Great recall, but Sherlock is crazy with the horses. Once he locks on he’s going to chase. I have resorted to a shock collar. Three years I’ve worked with him, it’s the only thing that stops him. Once I put it on he’s totally respectful. Once it’s off he’s bonko chasing horses. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn!

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      • Ohhh scary. We had a neighbor kelpie that chased cars relentlessly. Herding is so ingrained. I hate to have to go the shock route, but you run out of options when they start injuring your horses. He KNOWS he’s not supposed to but he blows me off. Drives me nuts.

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      • Yes, that can be very difficult! Bullet used to be the same way with the horses and the cows. That’s why I started back on a leash. Poor dog didn’t get off the leash for six weeks, but now she knows how to behave (for the most part). Blitz will be a harder but to crack!

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