Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #46-48


Flash practicing standing tied. Boo and Owl on the fence.

Today it was back to work for Flash. Her cut looks quite nasty this morning with lots of yellow drainage. So I cleaned it with warm soapy water and put some antiseptic spray on it. I will phone the vet again and see if a change in action is required. She is eating well, and drinking well, no fever noted.

We started by haltering. She saw all the doctoring supplies set up and decided she didn’t want any part of that. I didn’t chase her, but walked up sideways like I had no interest in her. She nosed uo to my shoulder and then I was able to put her halter on slowly. She gave me the eye. She wasn’t impressed. But she stayed quiet.

I let her stand tied quietly for about five minutes before I messed with her again. She did paw the ground a bit but only four or five times. When she was quiet for a full three minutes I moved on to doctoring her cut. She stuck her head high up as she could but I rubbed her head and she relaxed enough I could get the job done. I had to laugh because my soon to be three year old daughter, Owl was on the fence. She was rubbing  Flash’s ears and saying gently, “Easy there baby Flash. Easy there.” Over and over. It was adorable, and I couldn’t help but notice that Flash responded to her.


Flash and Owl

When she was all medicated I moved on to the curry brush. It’s mud and snow season here so needless to say, she was a mess! I curried all over and she seemed to enjoy. She was a bit sensitive about her legs. But overall, I was very pleased with her.

After her grooming I turned her loose and gave her love scratches. She enjoyed scratches for a little bit and then ran to the fence when she saw the minis coming round to check on her.


Flash looking for her herd.

Until next time!

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