Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Training Day #49


Flash is still in the barn stall and small paddock so I can have easy access to her in order to watch the cut on her face. She is so ready to be back with her herd. Poor girl paces the fence when they don’t come stand nearby. The cut is looking much better after switching from the salve to a spray. When I fed her supper tonight I cleaned it and reapplied the spray. She stood quietly for me. Such a good girl!

After getting her patched up I groomed her. It took about fifteen minutes to get her mane and tail brushed through. That winter wind really does a number on it. She balked a little bit when I combed through her forelock.

I did a quick curry over the rest of her. Then I just stood and rubbed all over her ears, head,  and body. I draped my arms across her back and gave her hugs. She didn’t miss a beat with me being in her space.


Flash's brand is almost all healed up. Still no hair in some parts of it, so not sure if the hair will grow all the way in or not.

I think she will be happy to get back to her miniature horse herd! But she was happy enough with me giving her some attention.


Hey Mom, is that my supper?

Until next time!

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