Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Day #51


Look who’s back out with her miniature horse herd! She’s 95% healed up on her cut. Thank heavens! No training going on here today, we got a slight dusting of snow last night, its windy, currently 30°F (feels like -30°).

Today while I and my youngest daughters Owl and Bunny were feeding and watering the horses, Blitz, my young border collie slipped his collar. Needless to say he started running the mini herd. Flash put herself between Blitz and the the whole mini herd. She put her head down and charged Blitz. Meanwhile I am trying to call Blitz off and he is conveniently ignoring me. (Ugh! I could have beaned him!) I was so proud of Flash, she will be a tough one for sure. She is already fierce and protective of her herd.

After several failed attempts at calling Blitz off I (American) football tackled his butt. He didn’t especially appreciate my 180# on him, but he wouldn’t dare look at  the horses after I was ahold of him. He knew he was in trouble.

Aside from that episode of insanity, Flash is happy to be back with her herd of little horses. And I am happy she is almost healed up.

Until next time


Bunny (silver coat), mini herd, Flash, and Owl (pink coat)

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