What To Do When You’re Trapped in Jail


I’m trapped in jail. And currently feeling like the fellow above.

No, I’m not really in jail, but I am feeling a bit cooped up. Morning chores and a walk with the pack of dogs didn’t even shake my claustrophobic feelings. Why am I feeling this way?

The easiest answer to that question is because its winter. The girls and I spend the majority of our time outside when its 50° F or above. We ride horses, groom horses, bathe horses, have picnics, and just be free. My little people are pretty tough , but they don’t stand a chance against our current winter weather. So lots of inside activity.

While I was busy feeling trapped this morning my oldest daughter Boo gave me an idea. She said, “Mom, just because you can’t ride regularly doesn’t mean you can’t do something to prepare yourself. Why not do  inside excersizes to make yourself stronger, and more ready to ride?”

I just hugged her and laughed. She is such a lightbulb when my world gets dark.

So for the next thirty minutes we did jumping jacks, sit-ups, and anything else we could think of. Know what? I feel so much better. If you’re “in jail” you might as well excersize!


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