HK Bar Life Today


It was a beautiful sunrise on the HK Bar this morning. After working a swing shift (nurse) last night and then getting up with the girls this morning, I was tired before I even started. But I just couldn’t miss seeing the start of a new day.


We started our day the usual way baths, dressing, fixing four different hairstyles, and breakfast. The girls and I have been on an oatmeal kick. I better enjoy the easy prepared breakfast while they are still enthusiastic about it, because I know soon enough I’ll be back to cooking fried eggs, potaotes, pancakes or some such other breakfast.


After we got Captain Boo off to school Bunny, Owl, and I did our morning chores and then went for a walk with the dogs. Even though I was tired it felt great to be out in the fresh cold air. The girls were full of giggles and energy. Much like the pack of dogs!


The rest of the am was spent baking bread, me prepping two meals for the family today while I’m gone at work. If I don’t cook, I know hubby will take them to McDonalds. Cleaning, laundry, reading and doing lessons with the littles took up the rest of the time. Eli and I managed to sneak in a thirty minutes nap when the girls went down for thiers.


So now its off to the shower and another swing shift for me! Can’t stop or I’ll just drop!

Until next time!

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