Bunny and Bo

Bunny and I hauled scrap metal to the recycling center this morning with Daddy. Owl was at MiMis and Boo was with Aunt Lisa. The girls always love going to the scrap yard because they get to see the big industrial equipment.


Bunny and Daddy loaded up ready to go.

On the way down, we all enjoy the beautiful farmland and Kansas countryside. Everyone thinks that Kansas I’d a flat ugly desolate place, and its simply not true! ( At least for Eastern Kansas). There are hundreds of beautiful farmsteads and multiple cattle operations.



These are just a few pictures I took on our drive. Typical Kansas pics.


Me and Bunny all ready to head out.

We had a great time just enjoying our surroundings and being out in the crisp January air. A beautiful morning indeed!

2 thoughts on “Haulin’

  1. The dog is just waiting for that cheese to drop. A good dog for not just going after it!

    Love your Eat Beef sign on your truck. Nothing like a good steak. I know my husband has two in the fridge so I think that will be dinner tonight.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bo dog adopted us about two years ago. She is the best dog ever! The HK Wouldn’t be the same without her for sure!

      We love our Eat Beef logos to! You find them all over our farm….and in the fridge like you! Hope your steaks are good, God bless and thanks for reading and commenting! Always good to hear from others!


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