Awards Night


Captain Boo


Captain Boo and her awards.

Captain Boo and I had our awards night last night. She won these awards from cumulative points earned last summer from our horse show circuit. She won first in walk trot western pleasure, first in lead in, and also placed in Buckskin Halter. All aboard her faithful steed Romeo.

It was great to see her face when she put on that jacket! She loves that it has both her and Romeo s name embroidered on it. I asked her how she liked her trophy, and she said, “Ma don’t get me wrong, the trophy is cool, but I can actually USE the jacket!”

I am so proud of Boo and I am anxiously awaiting this 2016 show season! We have so much to be thankful for and to look forward to.

I also received awards for placing in the racing events, poles, barrels and flags with my mare Jo aka Shakira JLO.


Awards won by Shakira JLO aka "Jo"

I am so very proud of my mare,  Jo. Although we have a long road ahead to become a seasoned team, we got our groove back, and started  the beginning of a beautiful journey!

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