Hiatus to Weston Missouri


Me and hubby

My husband and I ran away for the weekend. We are staying in Weston, Missouri at a beautiful bed and breakfast called Benner House.


Benner House

The area has tons of neat little shops at great places to eat. Our b and b proprietor, Sherri, is a wonderful host. Her cooking is homey and delicious!


Our welcome among arrival to Benner House.

The house is comfortable and inviting. I often feel out of place and awkward, but I felt right at home from the start. 

After breakfast this morning we went and did a little window shopping.





Lots of neat stores, and of course had to go buy a few hand rolled cigars from the Burley House.

Weston is very popular for tobacco and alcohol products. They boast a couple wineries and even an Irish pub called O’Malleys. The wineries were fine but the pub was definitely more my style! I could have stayed there all weekend in a happy drunken stupor listening to thier live irish music.

There area has a very rich history and the locals have given us great stories everywhere we go. This is a great getaway and I would highly recommend it!


The River Room at Benner House


Me and the husband

I’d write more praises on the area, but I’m headed to that gorgeous fluffy bed for a nap!

Cheers ❤

5 thoughts on “Hiatus to Weston Missouri

  1. I am glad you and your husband are getting away, It is so important for couples with children to do this. Trust me on this. I think my first marriage might have survived if we went away occasionally, I think we went for dinner once in 5 years. Go away without the kids often. xo

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