Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Day 67


Today its cold on the HK Bar. Currently 34° F and windy. Flash got a long brushout this morning. All through that thick mane and tale of hers! The little lady has gorgeous hair!

I have to take a moment and tell you a little about the picture above. The minis in the picture are Grace, Flash’s mini twin, and Easter, our fat mini (is that a double negative!?) boss mare. The minis had eaten thier breakfast, and Flash was still working on hers. Easter (the pig) always goes and stands under Flash’s feeder to Hoover up any bits that Flash may drop. Flash is always so considerate, she wouldn’t want to interrupt Easter’s attempts and fast hoovering stolen food, so Flash politely steps back to give her room, then stretches over her and continues to eat out of her feeder. Flash has such the personality! I am still trying to find words to describe her. Although Flash absolutely has a stubborn side, she seems less mareish than my other mare Jo. Flash has a ladylike ambiance to her, yet with a hint of ornery fire.

My girl Flash shows me new sides to her personality every day. I have glimpsed so many I can’t yet pit Flash into solid categories yet. But I assure you her personality is all positive so far. Not a mean bone in this girls body. I haven’t met her Dam, Amen Texs Lady, but I have had my hands on her beautiful sire, Flint Hills San Man (both owned by Double J Performance Horses out of Eskridge Kansas), and he is a lovely gentleman indeed! He has a soft, intelligent eye that exudes strength and a jovial demeanor. When I met him and ran my hands over his body it was like his kind soul reached out to me. He is a lovely fellow. He has absolutely passed on his gentle and astute nature to his daughter, our Flash aka Flinthillspaintedlady. If you like the looks of Flash you should check out Double J Performance Horses on Facebook!

So anyhow, Flash got her brushout while she ate her breakfast. We worked on yielding to  pressure. I would move her over with a gentle cue to her side to move either way. She had no hesitation at all and would move away. Seems like some babies her age almost want to put thier weight against you and lush back. Not Flash! She just takes a ladylike step over and continues on with life.

I’m so excited about showing her this year in halter! Have I mentioned I am so ready for spring? Until then, I’ll take what I can get!

Until next time!

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