I love sunrises. There seems to be so much promise in them. All the cliche things people say about opportunity and new beginnings were being sung by my heart this morning as I fed horses under a rising sun.

Maybe the weather is playing a part in my mood. Although it is still cold, and a bit windy, there is a spring-like feel to it today. Even though we really have had a mild winter, it has sure seemed like a long one. Too many hours spent indoors when the only place I want to be is outdoors with Boo, Owl, and Bunny, spending time with our horses and dogs.

I have been taking advantage of my indoor incarceration time by planning for horseshows, training/excersize routines, financials, ways to cut cost with feed and any other way I can….. And Oh I hadn’t mentioned the biggest project I’ve been pouring over……my new horse barn to be built soon! (I say horse barn conservatively, like two 12×12 row stalls with a ta k and grainery in the middle ) I am so excited to finally have a plan taking shape. No more fighting over space in the current barn!

So maybe my good mood is the weather……maybe its the idea of a new (ultra conservative) horse barn!.

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