Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Day 68


Flash was ready for breakfast this morning. She kept sticking her nose out as far towards me as she could. Her usually lady like attitude was a bit absent this morning. She kept imploring me with her little horse eyes Where is my grain lady? Don’t play coy with me, I saw you feed the other pasture of horses!


She just kept getting closer and closer. I had to laugh at her antics. She ended up being fed last just to put her in her place. I think she was a bit annoyed with me, but all was forgiven when I served her breakfast. Happy little munching sounds came from her, and she even looked up at me and lazily nickered a thank you when I was leaving the barn.

Oh Spring where are you?

Until next time, I pray you have a belly full of breakfast, and someone to nicker you a thank you.

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