Speaking Volumes, The Youngest Cowkids on the HK Bar


Owl and Bunny are 2 and 3 now. They chore side by side with me day in and day out on the HK Bar.

After chores this morning I was following them back to the barn to put that bucket away. My view took my breath away, quite literally. I stood there watching so much be said for who they are growing into as people. Love for animals, hard work, team work, dedication……. I see all this and more when I look at this photo.

I laugh when I hear people say we must have money, truth is, we don’t have much, bluntly my husband and I made less than $40 k last year put together. But we are rich , not financially, but through our family and friends we hold dear, including our animals.

We live within our means. And I am happy to see our way of living is having a positive effect on our three girls. Whenever I question all our hard work, our saving, our doing things on a shoe string budget, I will be reminded of this picture. Because honest, hard work will bring together many beautiful things.

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