Bullet and Blitz, School Days



Bullet and Blitz continue with thier training. Bullet is Beginning to be very reliable, and only sneaks up on the horses about once a week. The rest of the time she has been behaving herself. She is a great little girl, and her body is really starting to mature. She is a slab of muscle, and she continues to seek out my attention frequently. She will dash off and then I find her right back at my heels. Bullet is supposed to be my husband’s dog, but I think it’s safe to say she is one of my pack now.

Blitz still drags the leash everywhere. He likes to chase cars, thank heavens he hasn’t caught one yet. The goofball has not attempted to chase the cows or horses again. I think the hiding he took the last time has stuck with him.  He is a sweet boy. Quite a bit more independent than Bullet. He will run far and wide with no worry to seeking out my attention. He is getting better with his recall, and he stands nicely to be pet. Such a lively boy!

Until next time!

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