Adventures and New Additions


As the sun was coming up today My Mom, Captain Boo, Owl, and I set off on a grand adventure!


We drove to the beautiful countryside to the home of Double J Performance Horses in Eskridge Kansas. Another horse adventure was underway!

My Mom recently fell in love with a little colt named San Man Simon. He is a half brother to my paint filly Flash aka Flinthillspaintedlady!

We were welcomed warmly, and soon it was very apparent my Mom was in love with Simon! She was so completely smitten!


So Simon will be going home to Mockingbird Hill Farm where I grew up. He will be trailering and showing in halter this spring and summer with his half sister! I am so excited for thier future together! And I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, Double J Performance Horses are knocking it out of the park with thier babies!

Thier stud Flint Hills San Man is a great guy that throws impressive quality, both mind and body!


This was Captain Boo today with Radar aka Flint Hills San Man. Photo credit goes to Jana Dreasher. This photo is very telling. I am very careful with my daughters and wouldn’t let just any stud be this close to one of them. This boy has a heart of gold and a mind of a God. He is all that! It just goes to show the stability, honesty, care, and professionalism that the Dreashers at Double J Performance Horses are breeding in thier program. They aren’t making horses that will get thrown away or end up at sale barns. They choose reliable homes that will raise and show/use thier babies to thier upmost capacity.

So after a wonderful morning we loaded back up in my moms Jeep and had a celebratory lunch at a small cafe that was recommended by JD Dreasher.



Owl, My Mom, and Captain Boo


Epic apple pie crumble


Captain Boo and Owl

I’ll tell you what they had the best pie and best service I’ve experienced in a long time! Oh I’ll be dreaming of that apple pie for weeks to come! And celebrating my Moms new journey with San Man Simon!

P.s. Said Epic Cafe is in Dover Kansas!

4 thoughts on “Adventures and New Additions

  1. A new one in the family is always a joy. We just claimed a Thoroughbred gelding named Lucky Moly Miner — we are hoping he will be a winner for us. In any case, I am like a kid on Christmas when we get a new horse — they are all so important to me and we work hard together.

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