Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Day #78


Today I groomed Flash while she ate her breakfast. I brushed her fluffy mane out and then her tail. Her tail cracks me up because it gets really kinky on the underside. It was a bit hard to pick through, but Flash didn’t seem to mind. She stood quietly while l brushed it out.

Meanwhile Boo, Owl, and Bunny were playing on the outside of the fence. Boo was attempting to teach our black lab Bo, to roll over, Owl was petting Flash’s head through the fence, and Bunny was busy standing at the top rung of the fence and commencing to throw her hat and mittens into the water tank below. Silly girls. Never a dull moment with them around! And Flash just continued to stand quietly like all thier ruckus is so very normal. Just another testament to her personality.

I had a great mini grooming session with Flash. She makes me feel a little bit more at peace in the world that sometimes goes upside down crazy.

Until next time!


Two of my little helpers. From a different perspective.

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