A Thing I Never Do

People say, “Never say never, ” right? Today I became such a person.

After dropping Captain Boo off to school the littles, Owl and Bunny, And myself went grocery shopping. They were the best behaved children the best behaved they have ever been in the store. There was no hiding in clothes racks, no sprinting at break neck speeds down the aisle, no surprise purchases tossed into the cart, there was none of thier usual terrorist behaviors. Just two sweet little girls shopping with thier Mommy. Ideally holding onto the cart, one on either side, quietly talking and smiling. We looked like a commercial…… This rarely, never was a unicorn shopping trip!

So what is it I NEVER do? I never let them ride the little toys in the arcade area. They sometimes ask, but I always say No. And I March by eyes forward, while i drag three pairs of eyes looking longingly at the toy rides past, and out to the car.

But TODAY since they were such reformed heathens angels, I decided to let them ride it. Of course I was still too cheap to pay for two rides so they squished into the back hoe toy. They were squished  together. Bunny was all the way in, and Owl was holding onto the steering wheel while sitting half on Bunny and half butt in the air. But they were both squealing with laughter and wore huge grins as the back hoe gently bucked back and forth for thier one minute ride. All this joy for fifty cents.

So, Never say Never, because one day may come that you have a unicorn shopping trip that will lead you to ride the bucking carnival back hoe, while you wear a huge grin and squeal with laughter.


One thought on “A Thing I Never Do

  1. Just their cuteness alone makes them deserve a ride on the back hoe. But I am of the age of (almost) grandma material and wouldn’t have done that for my own kids when they were small. But look how happy and grateful they are! So cute!

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