Making Strides!



Sweet girl Flash and I had a great work session today. I should actually call it a play session, because that is exactly what it was. Flash and I went for a walk in the back pasture. She was easy to catch and came right to me. She has got the gate mastered! She stands quietly and lets me move her around appropriately to get through the gate. We walked to the barrel pattern I have set up and I kicked on the barrels and rolled them around while she walked behind me. She was interested in them, but no real fear. Then we walked down the lane…. Until we got to the puddles…. Then she got a step away from them and stopped. She didn’t like the idea of going through them. And that’s OK with me. We stood a step away from them and I gave her love scratches for a few minutes. Then I stomped my boot in the puddle so she could see a little more about this piddle business. She was curious and watched me intently.  …..but there was no wanting to go in them. Yet! I’ll give her time and be patient. There is so much she hasn’t seen or done yet, I can’t expect it all at once. I was pleased with how she was through the gate and on the lead. We also tried something new…..she trotted with me while I jogged a ways! I was so proud of her. She wants to please so badly, and is bright at my shoulder. We finished with love scratches and a handful of oats.



Jo also got her grooming and work out this afternoon. We did twenty minutes of lunging and about an hour’s worth of grooming. This girl needs a bath! I am looking forward to warmer weather when I can scrub the winter off of her. I assure you it will take more than one bath to get her clean. Aside from the dirt, she had a great lunge workout. She even got a little feisty today and gave a few bucks. Then when I asked her to canter she decided to have an all out run. She was feeling good, and I could tell she was happy to be stretching her legs. We even got a little sweaty today!

So wahoo for great workouts and lessons. Today was perfect. Could not have asked for better!

7 thoughts on “Making Strides!

  1. Awesome work! Ranger also isn’t a big fan of puddles. 😜 Don’t you love it when your days are perfect like that?! 😀 Today mine was really great and so was yesterday and the day before that… God blesses me more than I deserve.

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