It’s A Start

Do you have something you have wanted to do for days? For weeks? For months? For years?

Stop and think about what it is you want to do, to achieve, to possess, to embody.

Now ask yourself Why haven’t you done it yet?

Did you silently list why you don’t have enough money to do it? Not enough time? Not enough energy? Or maybe it was a million other reasons I tell myself Why I can’t achieve something.

But you see these things we tell ourselves are lies, are excuses. We build ourselves nice walls and barriers between our dreams and reality. We defeat ourselves before we even start!

So today I am telling myself it’s time to start! It’s time to find a way. It’s time to cast aside doubt and negativity. It’s time to do the best I can with what I have! The time is now!

That’s what I am  telling myself. What are you telling yourself?










The thing I dream about? Being healthy. Running again. I’m not running yet, but today I took my first steps to those dreams. And four of the five HK Bar stable dogs were right there by my side to cheer me on!

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