Being Scarce and Chasing Goals

I haven’t been on much. This week brought the stomach flu to all three of my children. I’ll spare you the details, but I will say I’m a nurse and even I haven’t seen that much vomit in many years! But we seem to all be on the mend now.

Despite the setbacks I have continued to get in my two miles at least once a day. It feels good to be moving, and I’m also connecting with the dogs more. Especially my two young cattle dogs in training. Bullet our two year old blue heeler, and Blitz our nearly one year old Border collie. Bullet is actually to be my husbands working dog, but i took over her training about December when his work schedule became very heavy. Needless to say, I can happily say she has progressed so much, but she has however bonded pretty strongly to me. Kevin tried to take her with him yesterday to feed cattle with him, and she refused to load up for him. She stood behind my legs pearing through at him and then up at me. Her pleading eyes said it all. It was like she was asking How can you send me away with him? I belong with you! So begrudgingly I asked her to load up. She did so, and never took her eyes off of me. I think she was wondering how I could betray her. Kevin said she spent the trip not working, but rounded up in a ball on the passenger seat ignoring him. When she got home she was all tail wags and back to being glued to my legs. I doubt he tries to take her back  out with him. Neither one of us said anything about it. There was the silent understanding that Bullet doesn’t owe him her loyalty, and she won’t be convinced to work with him. I’m her person, and we all three see that clearly now.


Bullet always glued to my side.

And Mr. Blitz is a born marathoner. He is a very encouraging little guy. Always happy to trot along at my turtle pace, but smiling so big when I pick it up to a jog. He absolutely loves this, and that makes me so happy. Bullet goes, but she doesn’t enjoy it like Blitz does! She seems to feel like she needs to be there since I’m there.


Blitz says lets get a move on!

So anyhow that’s been Life on The HK Bar between vomit, working out, and grooming/excersizing horses for the upcoming show season!

7 thoughts on “Being Scarce and Chasing Goals

    • Bahahaha your comment made me smile! You are so right!!! All these weeks I’ve been working with her I have been guarding my heart a bit because I had it in my head she would be my husbands working dog. I didn’t want to break both of our hearts when the time came that she started going to work cattle with him. I feel so much better now that we both know she’s my dog heart and soul. Lol. Now I can really open up to her and let her ride in the truck with me as much as her little heart desires lol.


      • Haha, she picked you long time ago, and you couldn’t do much about it 😉

        Then again, sometimes they DO come around. My senior girl has started to moan like a mad dog as soon as my husband comes home, and gets all “smiley” for him, after many years of only caring for me.

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