Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Days 97-103


This girl had her first carrier visit on Friday. She was not in need of a trim, but our Farrier, Cal, picked her feet up and gave me a few pointers on how to work with her on her feet.

He gave me a great tip everyone should know! Instead of holding the foot at the joint, hold it by the tip of the hoof. This way it isn’t as easy for the horse to get leverage and pull away. It also prevents them from smashing thier foot down awkwardly trying to pull away. I have been working with horses for years and didn’t know this trick. It just goes to show there is always something new to learn!!!

Flash continues to love her short walks around the farm as well as all those love scratches. She is very well balanced both mind and body. I could not ask for a better filly. She is going to be a great partner in the future.

So that’s what we have been up to, reaching out goals, and letting ourselves just go with the flow. Babies have so much time to learn, and like I’ve been told by many a wise horseman, you have to give them time to figure out how to just be a horse first!

Until next time!

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