Making Strides, Falling Up and Glorious Pain


I’m not dead, proof above. I have really been focusing on my health and my family. I have unfortunately been distanced from family and friends while I focus on my journey. Other than my girls and husband, I just haven’t been around to “check in” with people as often as I usually do.

I have been logging at least two miles a day (except that one or two days I missed) jogging (OK, it’s more like run, jog, walk…..OK come on body….run, jog, walk….come on again!). Bullet and Blitz have been my ever present partners in this struggle to train for a 5 k. They are my inspiration. Every time I feel like quitting I look over to see Blitz’s goofy smile that seems to say Come on Mom! We got this! Keep going! We were born to run! And then I look over at Bullet and she has her ears back and head down focusing so intently on one foot in front of the other. My precious rescue dogs that don’t know the meaning of quit.


Blitz (left) and Bullet (right) with a photo bomb from Bo during our run today.

I started this journey March 1st, and can’t believe how far I’ve come! At first I couldn’t even jog continuously for a quarter of a mile. Now I’m knocking on crushing a mile. No matter how much I hurt or struggle, I have to remind myself I’m making strides, even when I do some falling up.

About a mile into our run my legs really start to burn. This is the moment I really consider going back to my comfy couch. But then I push forward, I recommit, and I push on through that burn until it’s just glorious pain. Glorious pain? Yep, it’s the pain that reminds me I’m pushing myself. It’s the pain that reminds me that nothing worth doing is easy.

So that’s where I’ve been….Making Strides, Falling Up, and reveling in that Glorious pain.

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