What Gets the HK Bar Cowkids Outside


This time of year it is the tire garden we plant that the girls get so excited about! My husband is the green thumb in our family, and he is passing on all his knowledge to the girls. They recently planted potatoes, onions, and marigolds. In the morning I go through the house waking them up saying, “Let’s get up and have our breakfast and get our baths so we can go take care of your garden! I wonder how much your plants have grown!?”  They are learning how to grow food, care for plants, responsibility, and so much more! And you don’t have to have a farm in order to do this activity. Even a small planter inside a home by a window could work!


Owl and Bo


Bunny and Tucker


Captain Boo on Jo helping do warm ups.

Another thing that gets the girls outside is our animals. I always stress the importance of feeding, excersizing, watering, loving and caring for our furry friends. With five dogs, ten horses, three cows, forty chickens, and six cats there is always something to be done to .make our animals lives better. There are days the girls would rather play than feed or water etc, but they are learning that an animal is a living breathing being that also deserves and demands your full commitment. But really there is nothing better for me as a mom than seeing my girls run and play and care for our animals. My girls are learning that an animals care comes first above all else. There is no day off from caring for our animals.

In the good weather my girls and I spend as much time outside as possible. What motivates you and your kids to get out and get active?


That Time I Lied To My Husband…

I’ve never lied to my husband…..until today.

I was scheduled to work and got called off for my shift. But I left as any other day that I would pick up a swing shift. I kissed my girls goodbye, I pleaded with my husband not to feed the girls hotdogs and chips again. (Almost the only thing he ever prepares.) I got in my car, and I drove…..

I ended up thirty miles from home at my favorite movie theatre. I bought a ticket to “Miracle From Heaven”….I bought myself a huge popcorn and a huge cherry coke and spent the next two hours crying like a baby in a dark theatre with three other strangers while my husband beleived me to be at work…..

The movie ended and then I came out to my car and read a book until the next movie I want to see shows…… And I don’t feel a damn bit guilty.

Of course I’ll end up telling my husband. Like I said before I am a terrible liar, so I don’t even attempt it. But why today did I just get in my car and leave?

Because sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that I have choices, that I have free will and still have the ability to sit in a movie theatre alone bawling my eyes out in the presence of three strangers…  It’s nice to rebel a little.

Granted this is very powder puff rebelling, BUT STILL! Aside from being mom 24/7….a farm foreman/planner…..activities scheduler for my children….Baker….nurse…..wife…business owner…. I’m still a person that can get in the car and just be a bit spontaneous. Albeit pretty safely spontaneous BUT STILL!

So I guess I did tell a lie. Not so much to my husband because I know I’ll out myself. I Lied to myself. For all those days I told myself i just couldnt get into the car and drive a bit. For all those days I didn’t take myself to a movie and bawl like a baby in the midst of three strangers as I drank a huge soda and ingested a gallon of greasy popcorn.

I’ve always been in the truth telling business. But I guess even truth tellers lie, if but only to themselves. 


Guts, Blood, and Satellite Dishes


Last week Bullet had a spay surgery done. Yesterday her suture site dehissed and guts hanging out EVERYWHERE. Cue emergency trip to the vet. Sedation…..guts back in….resuture…stay the night…

Then this morning I picked up my sweet Bullet ensconced in her Satellite Dish. I’m really hoping she pi ks up some great channels as she is on strict fest for two weeks…..ummm really a blue heeler on rest? This should be interesting….

Wish us luck!


Running For Homeless Pets

Blitz Manny and I are participating in at least two 5 k runs to support animal shelters in our area. This is to support the Lawrence Humane Society and all the homeless pets! We will raise money and run in honor of all homeless animals that are looking for Forevor homes! If you do not feel compelled to donate then please say a prayer, send good vibes etc for us!

Blitz Manny is a proud shelter dog alumni! Rescue dogs rock!