Spring Fever

Where have I been? Not blogging that’s where! The weather has been a mix of rain and sun and the girls and I have been out in it all. I’m done being suffocated by the winter.

We have been riding horses, planning for the upcoming horse show season. Planning getaway vacations, and so much more! I have also been training for a 5k with Blitz and Bullet. Our first one is a fun run to support our local animal shelter. One of my best friends is along for it with me. Blitz will be making his first debut alongside me, and Lisa will be borrowing our black Labrador, Bo, for the event. I am very excited!

It will be AWESOME to do this run with an alumni of our local shelter. I can’t imagine Blitz not being part of our life.


Mr. Blitz Manny

Bullet will be on rest and recovery and will miss our first 5 k due to having spay surgery today. I felt a little conspiratorial this morning as I loaded her up in the truck, took her to town to the dog park and treated her to a nice two mile walk, then off to the vet office. She didn’t even see it coming and it nearly broke my heart to turn my back and walk away from her. Her ears went all crumpled up sad dog position and she ducked her head. Poor girl must be very confused as I’ve never left her before.


Owl, Bunny, and Bullet on our hike today.


Owl, Bullet, and Bunny. Bullet was so unassuming of our trip to the vet.

We have been working so hard on her being outgoing and being better at riding along. I hope this doesn’t set her back as she has come so far already. I felt guilty, like I had set her up and thoroughly duped her. But I know she is in good hands! And spay surgery is something I firmly believe in.

So that’s where I’ve been! In case someone was wondering.


Owl, Boo, and Bunny

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