Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Day #185 Show Debut!

On Flash’s 185th day on the HK Bar we celebrated OFF the HK Bar, at Topeka Expo Center! It was Flash’s very first show. She showed in paint/pinto halter as well as Horse, 2 years and under. We placed second place under both judges in Horse 2 and under. Wahoo!


Flash and I in a HUGE paint/pinto class. Over 12 entries!


Flash and I taking a selfie after halter classes

Flash was a rock star from the beginning of her bath. All the way through trailering and prepping for the show once we were there. I kept wondering when we would bobble. She acted like a well seasoned show horse! (Except we don’t know how to square up yet). I was truly amazed at how well she did. Especially at an indoor arena she has never seen! There was so much going on in the expo center, as well as a fair going on next door!


Flash asleep at the trailer after her classes. Nothing fazed her, not even the loud fair going on behind her.

Just another testament to the quality of horses the Double J out of Eskridge Kansas is producing. Great job J.D. and Jana Dreasher!

I have had such a wonderful experience with Flash. From learning to cross puddles, load in a trailer with confidence, and now on to a show career! I look forward to decades more summers of shows, with her as my partner!


Word From The Queen; Jo’s Training Journey

Or rather I got word from Jana at Double J Performance Horses regarding the Queen. She is trotting a lovely barrel pattern, and is said to really be hunting the barrels. Word also says that she is relearning some patience while standing tied. It was rumored around court that Queen Jo would pin her ears and squeal a bit when Jana was riding another horse. Silly Queen! Even royalty needs to be put in thier place.

Jana also reports Jo is moving a bit stiffly, mostly from the right and also working off of her front. So Jana is teaching her to drive from the rear as well as trying to get that right side straightened out. The Queen will see an equine chiropractor in hopes this helps resolve the issue. Please pray for the Queen for health and soundness.

Her Royal highness also seems to have fallen in love with a male habitant at the Double J. He is however, taken, but the Queen shamelessly licks him like a dog. Her would be love interest is none other than JD Dreasher, husband of Jana. Maybe this explains the squealing at Jana? A lovers quarrel perhaps?

It has also been decided that Jo will be staying an additional thirty days, totaling 60 days training.

Until next time!
Also a video of her Highness. Courtesy of Double J Performance Horses


Tipperary Helmet, A Review


Romeo and I

My Tipperary helmet arrived finally! I ordered the Sport off of Dover Saddlery for $59.99. If you are in the market for a new helmet you should definitely consider this one.

The top is well ventilated, and on my first ride out in this helmet it felt like nothing more than wearing a ball cap. I have worn other helmets that felt heavy and cumbersome, not this one!


Side view of my new Tipperary Helmet. Note the flat back style.

As you can see from the picture it has a unique design. This design was by a doctor. With the flat back it is proven to help avoid extensive brain trauma. This being that on impact the flattened back discourages the head to roll in a side to side motion, thus better preventing head trauma from an accident. I have described the thought behind this design in a very basic fashion. As a nurse, I have researched with and agree with the thoughts and designs of this particular helmet.


Front view of the Tipperary Sport Helmet.

Do you wear glasses? I do, and many helmets I have found it often difficult and uncomfortable to wear my glasses with them. I’ve encountered the arms of my glasses digging in to the sides of my head, the top of my glasses being squashed from the top of my helmet, amongst many other complaints. With this helmet, I found my glasses had plenty of room to sit unencumbered on my face. There was no complaint whatsoever from the glasses wearing equine enthusiast!

The Tipperary Sport Helmet is stylish enough to show in in local shows. It is attractive and comes in a various selection of colors; grey, pink, black, blue, and pink. The one I purchased was the grey and it compliments all the tack I ride in.

Another small but very nice thing about this helmet was that the extra strapping on the chin strap is secured nicely in a Velcro wrap. I love that it doesn’t just flop around. It is neat and tidy and made for a more comfortable fit.

I rode in this helmet for two hours in 80° F Kansas weather. My head did not sweat AT ALL! The well vented, light weight helmet was a pleasure to ride in. Check out The Tipperary Line of helmets! You won’t be disappointed!


Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Day # 166

About a month ago we had our kickoff for our horse show circuit. It was a general meeting and open arena. I was very excited about taking Flash to get her some experience. And then she wouldn’t load on the trailer. She absolutely refused. So since then I have been working with her.

Today she hopped right in like a pro. I loaded her bestie , Grace, and also used a bit of grain to tempt her with. She did very well getting on and off the trailer a half dozen times. Then she was groomed and fly sprayed along with Grace. Wow was I excited!


A very proud moment for me and Flash.


Flash and Grace

Ibam so proud of her. Now we will be doing this loading in the trailer daily for the next few weeks. Our first show is May 29tj and it looks like Flash will be aboard!


Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Day #165 Yeah So This Happened Today


My dear Flash is growing….and growing…and still growing! If you see in the picture above we have nice tightly strung six strand barbed wire fence. The top strand is just above the tip of Flash’s ear. Today I had taken her and put her in the “big horse pasture”. The one where Jo, Katelyn, and Romeo are pastured. (Jo is currently out for training.) I have put Flash in with Katelyn and Romeo the past few days to socialize and to be able to run wide open easier, as thier pasture is bigger. All had been going well……until today…..

Remember that nicely strung six foot fence? Flash decided she wanted to get back to her best friend, Grace, whom was in the smaller pen. My husband and I watched in fascinated horror as she took a beautiful, graceful, flying leap over said fence. When her four feet hit the ground on the other side, not a hair out of place, she trotted over to the fence by Grace. After my moment of shock and horror and checking her over to see she had no injury, I said to my husband, ” I’ll be damned! That was incredible! She’s a yearling and just cleared that fence from a standing position… “. I have to admit I was a bit proud. And what a beautiful jump!! My husband looked at me like I’d lost my damn mind and said, ” Yeah, this should be fun! A horse that jumps five foot fences. Just think what she will be like in a year when shes bigger!” I just smiled and said, “I know! Isn’t she talented!?”  He shook his head and walked away.

I get it! She could have been torn to ribbons if she hadn’t cleared it. So many things could have gone wrong. But they didn’t, she just wanted to get back to her little bestie, Grace. And she cleared that fence as if she was a seasoned eventer. There was no hesitation! It was a clean, calculated move.

So maybe I have an eventer on my hands…..at best she has natural talent, at worst she is so deeply attached to her mini friend Grace, I may have to haul both together….  Forevor lol…..


Far and Away; Queen Jo Goes to Double J


So this happened yesterday. The girls and I took Queen Jo to Double J Performance Horses to get finished up on the barrel pattern. I came to the realization she would never get patterned on my schedule. Three kids and thier activities, running a household, and working part time plus running Little Horse Company, among a million other responsibilities, it just wasn’t going to get done as fast as of like it to.

Dreashers are wonderful people and I am excited to see what Jana can do with the dirty grey Queen Jo.