Spring Health

Yesterday my oldest daughter, Captain Boo, and I spent the afternoon with two of the HK Bar horses at the veterinarians. Shakira J LO “Jo” and Romeo received dentals, vaccinations, and had a coggins drawn.


Waiting load up time


Waiting on the vet Dr. Fred


A very interested Captain Boo watches Dr. Fred work on Jos teeth


Next was little Romeos turn. Captain Boo told me not to take any pictures as she was embarrassed for him lol ❤


Then it was back home for the very sleepy pair of horses. Captain Boo and Romeo

6 thoughts on “Spring Health

  1. Just Boo thinking so deeply beyond herself is quite fascinating. She is obviously very sensitive and is putting herself in the horses place. That is not typical behaviour from a young child. Is she Highly Sensitive? Does she feel the emotions of other living things often? http://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-child-test/

    I am asking because I was a HS child and I am now very curious about the trait. (I am still HS, very much so and answer all the questions but one for the adult with in the affirmative.) It can be very hard but it is a beautiful trait.

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    • She is very sensitive! I’ve noticed she also can be “stubborn” but I think it’s more that she “shuts off” in a way. And I think that is a defense mechanism, or call it what you will, to being so sensitive. I think she is that way because if she doesn’t shut down and learn to ignore she would always be completely exhausted. It is very Interesting. She is very well adjusted and well rounded.


  2. I totally get the need to shut down! We HSP’s get very overwhelmed with many parts of life but things like going to the mall, parties or anything where there is a lot going on can put us over the edge.
    Bless her little heart. I get teary thinking about her not wanting her horse to be embarrassed. That is a deep thought for a little one.

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