Flash; Flinthillspaintedlady Day # 166

About a month ago we had our kickoff for our horse show circuit. It was a general meeting and open arena. I was very excited about taking Flash to get her some experience. And then she wouldn’t load on the trailer. She absolutely refused. So since then I have been working with her.

Today she hopped right in like a pro. I loaded her bestie , Grace, and also used a bit of grain to tempt her with. She did very well getting on and off the trailer a half dozen times. Then she was groomed and fly sprayed along with Grace. Wow was I excited!


A very proud moment for me and Flash.


Flash and Grace

Ibam so proud of her. Now we will be doing this loading in the trailer daily for the next few weeks. Our first show is May 29tj and it looks like Flash will be aboard!

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