The Turncoat


Husband and Bullet

Our little blue girl, Bullet, was meant to be my husbands dog. She gave her full loyalty to me when I took over her training. Now that she is nicely finished, it was time to turn her attention back to her original purpose; being my husband’s partner.

Over the past few weeks I have distanced myself from her. It was very difficult for me as I have really grown to like her. I would gladly take her on as my horse show partner to rode in the truck and guard the trailer on trips. Bit i have my goofy little Blitz coming up in ranks for that job.

So Kevin has assumed her daily care and excersize, and she has finally stuck to him like a burr on thick cotton. I am both sad and pleased at the same time. My husband lost his very good blue male about two years ago, and he never did quite recover I don’t think from the loss. So happy for him, but a little bittersweet for me. I get attached easily. 😉

So my little turncoat has officially swapped loyalties. And i couldn’t be happier.


Kevin and Bullet moving horses


Happy Father’s Day to My Husband


Happy Father’s Day to my hard working husband. I hope my girls meet someone just like you one day, except he hopefully doesn’t have your sailor mouth traits or your terrible business mind, haha. But truly, all those other things about you I hope they have.

Love, Honey, Captain Boo, Owl, and Little Bunny. 😘


Happy Father’s Day Mom


Mu Mom, Tammy, with one of her yearling colts, San Man Simon "Simon" showing halter

Yes. I said Happy Father’s Day to my MOM. She deserves two holidays for being the strong single Mom that she has always been.  I honestly don’t know how she ever did it. She ran our farm, worked an outside full time job, and raised my brother and I single handedly. She had zero help.

She put us through Catholic school, hauled my brother to all his sports, and hauled me to all my horse shows and rodeos, she baked and cooked and cleaned and pulled off every parenting role magnificently.

If I ever turn out to be half the man (yes, I said man) my mom is, I’ll be defined as a super hero. She really is a badass at life and parenting. So cheers to the toughest man I know, Happy Father’s Day Mom!!!


New From The Queen; Jo’s Training Journey 6 weeks at Double J Performance Horses

Queen Jo is six weeks in to her training on the barrel pattern at Double J Performance Horses in Eskridge, Kansas. She is coming along very nicely under the very capable direction of Jana Dreasher. Her attached video is courtesy of Double J Performance Horses.

I have to say the more progress I see from Jo, the more I am validated in having made the decision to send her for training. I was doing her no service by letting her get out of shape and not pushing both of us harder. Seeing her thrive at the Double J has been a wake up call no doubt for me. That this sport is physically and mentally demanding. Neither of which was I adequately supporting in Queen Jo. It’s difficult to for me to admit to myself that I have short changed Jo, as well as myself, as much as I have. It’s never easy to see your own failings and shortcomings in the daylight. But I am so glad that I have! It means I can now see the distance of where we can be with time and hard work.  I now have a training plan in place for when The Queen returns to the HK Bar. There will be no excuses not to have excersized, not to have poured in the blood, the sweat, and the tears. It’s go time!

I have to give credit where credit is due. Dreashers from the Double J have been outstanding to work with. They are helping the Queen to be a well balanced, healthy horse, as well as giving me insight and tools to carve out a bright future for us both as a team.


What Are the HK Bar Cowkids up to?

Swimming! Lots and lots of swimming!


Bunny, Captain Boo and Owl (from left to right) waiting on thier lessons


Captain Boo with her swim instructor

This morning we were at the pool by 0830, and our last lesson finished at noon! Holy cow I’m going to have three little fishes soon!

I love the water, and I want my girls to not only love the water, but to be safe! Our rules are:
1. No running!
2. Life vest on! And in eye sight of parent/adult.
3. Wear sunscreen!
4. If you can’t touch bottom then you shouldn’t be that deep! (For now since my girls aren’t independent swimmers yet)
5. No horse play! Someone could get hurt.
6. Drink lots of water.
7. No peeing in the pool! (Added by Owl)

We are also starting the summer reading program at our library today. (After my little swimmers wake up from thier nap). I think it is so important to keep my kids reading and interested in books. They continually learn and progress. And it will make back to school time easier. We want to make it a good habit now!

Another fun thing Captain Boo, 6, is doing is writing letters snail mail style! She currently writes to a friend from school, a cousin, and one of her Great Aunts. It is a great way for her to practice writing, reading, and connecting with other people in a different medium. (Other than phone/computer/etc.) She loves sending them off and who doesn’t love getting
things in the mail???

Along with riding horses and gardening these are our big summer time activities. We are always on a shoestring budget. I want my girls to learn life skills while they are having fun ! And these are a few ideas that won’t break the bank! Need ideas for affordable summer fun? I encourage you to check with your local library, recreation commission, or area chamber of commerce for ideas!