What Are the HK Bar Cowkids up to?

Swimming! Lots and lots of swimming!


Bunny, Captain Boo and Owl (from left to right) waiting on thier lessons


Captain Boo with her swim instructor

This morning we were at the pool by 0830, and our last lesson finished at noon! Holy cow I’m going to have three little fishes soon!

I love the water, and I want my girls to not only love the water, but to be safe! Our rules are:
1. No running!
2. Life vest on! And in eye sight of parent/adult.
3. Wear sunscreen!
4. If you can’t touch bottom then you shouldn’t be that deep! (For now since my girls aren’t independent swimmers yet)
5. No horse play! Someone could get hurt.
6. Drink lots of water.
7. No peeing in the pool! (Added by Owl)

We are also starting the summer reading program at our library today. (After my little swimmers wake up from thier nap). I think it is so important to keep my kids reading and interested in books. They continually learn and progress. And it will make back to school time easier. We want to make it a good habit now!

Another fun thing Captain Boo, 6, is doing is writing letters snail mail style! She currently writes to a friend from school, a cousin, and one of her Great Aunts. It is a great way for her to practice writing, reading, and connecting with other people in a different medium. (Other than phone/computer/etc.) She loves sending them off and who doesn’t love getting
things in the mail???

Along with riding horses and gardening these are our big summer time activities. We are always on a shoestring budget. I want my girls to learn life skills while they are having fun ! And these are a few ideas that won’t break the bank! Need ideas for affordable summer fun? I encourage you to check with your local library, recreation commission, or area chamber of commerce for ideas!

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