The Turncoat


Husband and Bullet

Our little blue girl, Bullet, was meant to be my husbands dog. She gave her full loyalty to me when I took over her training. Now that she is nicely finished, it was time to turn her attention back to her original purpose; being my husband’s partner.

Over the past few weeks I have distanced myself from her. It was very difficult for me as I have really grown to like her. I would gladly take her on as my horse show partner to rode in the truck and guard the trailer on trips. Bit i have my goofy little Blitz coming up in ranks for that job.

So Kevin has assumed her daily care and excersize, and she has finally stuck to him like a burr on thick cotton. I am both sad and pleased at the same time. My husband lost his very good blue male about two years ago, and he never did quite recover I don’t think from the loss. So happy for him, but a little bittersweet for me. I get attached easily. 😉

So my little turncoat has officially swapped loyalties. And i couldn’t be happier.


Kevin and Bullet moving horses

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