Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Going to have a bit of a rant here. Will try to make it constructive. Possibly…… I’m. Just going to throw this out there. I have realized as time goes by that I have less and less time for people and their drama. I have no time to entertain other people’s fantasy crises. I have no time to ponder the should have/would have/could haves with people unless it directly effects me.  I find myself not answering phone calls, emails, messages, and even the door when it is someone whom I feel like is going to suck more energy from me. I mean really  ain’t nobody got time for that! Sound selfish? 

Maybe it is. But really I put one hundred percent effort into my family and farm, and frankly, there just isn’t much left to go around after them. I don’t feel an ounce guilty about focusing on myself and my family (and the small group of friends I consider family).  Because really at the end of the day energy spent elsewhere is just a waste. Now, I’m not talking about volunteering, church, being part of my community, etc. I’m talking about the relationships that just plain suck you dry. The ones that take valuable time and attention, and you foster them because you feel like you have to or you feel obligated, or you feel sorry for someone. 

I have to admit for a long while I was always the person that tried to be nice and attentive to everyone else. I tried to tiptoe lightly, not rock the proverbial boat, tried to always consider everyone before myself etc. and you know where that got me? Tired. That’s where it got me. Tired.

So today when I received a text message from someone I knew was a complete drain, instead of entertaining them with few worded , half hearted , agreeable responses, I simply text back. I’m sorry I am not able to talk right now, I am cooking and busy making memories with my girls. And you know what? 

They didn’t text back AT ALL. 

What a relief! So cheers to no more unnecessary distractions, cheers to cutting dead weight. Cheers to more energy and time spent where it needs to be. 

Take your bullshit elsewhere cuz really AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

6 thoughts on “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

  1. Oh gosh, I hear you! I had an old “friend” message me out of the blue a few months ago because he felt bad about the way he had behaved years ago. At the time I thought it would be nice to reconnect, but then I realised he wasn’t really interested in being my friend at all, he just wanted permission not to feel bad any longer. I had thought about trying to extend the hand of friendship again and try to rekindle a conversation, and I am so glad that I didn’t. I haven’t missed out on anything in the last six years, I’m probably not missing out now! Liberating!!

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  2. I was about your age when I started feeling the same way. I do not think it is selfish. All these people you speak of can help themselves, just like you do. Likely they won’t but they can if they really want to. I think some people thrive on drama and attention.
    So look after yourself, your girls and your farm, in that order…trust me on that one. Go make memories!

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  3. I tend to be unavailable for a lot of people.
    I have no patience for most people. I have a precious few good friends, but most people I only hear from when they want something from us….definitely no time for that garbage!

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