Who Am I? 

What a complex question this is. I am so many things it is difficult to put words to the vast existence that I consider applies to that question in regards to me. Of course I am mom to the three most wonderful little girls ever. Captain Boo at six is so wise beyond her years it is often difficult to know what to do with her. Owl at three is happy, bouncy, and a natural with animals, and little Bunny at the tender age of two is enamored with heavy equipment and tractors. She is the prankster and always the first to bulldoze her way to what she wants. But I guess these ramblings about my girls really don’t answer the age old question of whom I am. But that’s where I’m wrong. They are so much of my existence I can’t help but include them in what makes me me. 

I am also a nurse. I specialize in geriatrics, also centered around hospice, rehabilitation, and long term care. I love my field of nursing and can’t imagine myself in any other field. I have been a nurse nearing nine years. Wow where has time gone? Funny enough, in nursing school I always fancied I would work in surgery or the emergency department. Something very high paced and glamorous. At what point I admitted to myself that I love the geriatric population so much I honestly can’t say. I just know it is where I began, and where I have stayed. Although I am mostly a stay at home mom (among other titles of farm wife, horseman, etc) I am able to work one evening shift a week at the facility I have been blessed enough to be employed by for the last six years. This keeps my nursing license up, as well as gives me a mental health day from my three lovely girls that can honestly drive me a bit batshit crazy at times. 

Another title I hold is one that is self appointed. It is the one of farm manager.  I take care of the livestock side and my husband takes care of the tillable/hay ground. We have an ever changing number of animals here on the HK Bar. Ten horses has been the count for nearing two years now. We have gained and lost a few, but have stayed ever steady at that number. Current number of cattle……Er……well…. My herdsman identity is a bit bruised to admit it is at seven. I sold off thirty of my herd nearly two years ago when we had to relieve some of the financial burdens we were under at the time. So I am slowly rebuilding my angus herd back to its former glory days. Let me tell you it is arduous and slow going. We currently have five chickens. Another sad farm story as fifty were slaughtered in their hen house by what only could be raccoons. Waiting till the spring to replenish my numbers there. Anywho. We also have three dogs. “Working dogs” that are good at cleaning up after the kids after meal times. And a varying number of barn cats. They seem to bring friends home then disappear as soon as I have fully vettted them. 

I would say that is the gist of who I am if I had to make it any shorter than that I don’t rightly know if I could. I love to read…..I’m quite obsessed actually. I will honestly read anything from biographies to romance. If it has words I will read it. I love to travel and try new things, but I am a huge homebody. I love my family and friends more than anything. I am a self proclaimed bulldog who is always the first to protect the ones that I love. I like to write, however terrible it is. I love my dogs and horses fiercely….ok, actually any animal I love fiercely, but hey it’s just who I am. 

So here’s a brief glimpse of how I perceive myself. I hope you have made it through this however dull it was. And I hope you now know me a bit better. Tell me, are you a new reader? Who are you? I’d honestly love to hear. 

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